40’s Female Severe Anxiety, panic attacks, fear, depressed, symptoms of PTSD


Client is happily married and in early 40’s with 2 children under 10yrs old. By age 4yr old, client had nearly died twice and then witnessed mother nearly die from horrific burns. Earlier this year, sister diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and father died recently and very suddenly from a simple fall where within a week, they had to make decision to switch off life support and ‘watched and waited with him until he died’. Has sought professional assistance, psychology/psychiatry and medication for anxiety and depression.


Client is obsessed with health of herself and family. Any symptoms she is self-diagnosing on Google. In constant fear of not being able to cope with things that happen in her life. Worrying that she has a disease that doctors cannot pick up on yet. Severe anxiety moving into panic attacks and a deep general fear of life.


Client showing symptoms of PTSD, living in constant fear, and worry to the point of severe anxiety and panic attacks.


TRTP was only method used. TRTP protocol was applied. List of 10-12 stress events listed on Time Line from start in womb to present. Addressed what changes she would like to move into and how that would be imagined seeing/feeling – experiencing. 3 sessions, 2 x Face to Face within 2 weeks. 1 x session via SKYPE within 2 weeks of session 2.


After initial session 1, client experienced a deep shift regarding anxiety. A sense of ‘safety felt within’ was new and comforting for client to experience. Client found session 2 intense with a new sense of freedom and found her voice. Session 3, client had not experienced any high anxiety or panic attack since. Client expressed a new sense of experiencing life. When asked for more details, client stated that she is now experiencing life with her heart feeling safe and not just experiencing everything through her mind. Client also found resolution regarding her sister’s diagnosis and how to support herself as well as her sister.


Client expressed minimal stress experienced on a daily basis. Client’s sister received prognosis for stage 4 cancer that new treatment was no longer responding as hoped. Client says she has accepted this with great sadness and peace. Fear and worry are not a daily occurrence and is enjoying life so much more.