Ex American Marine experiencing Full Blown PTSD after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan


Client is male in early thirties. Served in the military but is now working in the oil and gas industry in the middle east. He is married with a 16-month-old daughter.


Did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan where he experienced severe stress and trauma. Is extremely hyper vigilant, can’t sleep, feels unsafe and experiencing severe guilt over the fact that he survived. Has been diagnosed with severe PTSD. Carries a knife wherever he goes to protect him and his family.


Has been diagnosed with severe PTSD. DASS 21 form before starting was extreme stress and anxiety.


Used TRTP. The interval was four days between appointments 1 and 2 as the Christmas holidays were coming up and he was only in the country for a limited time. The homework was sent before he came to Australia. Appointment 3 was carried out four days after Appointment 2 because of the constraints described above.


Patient said that it was one of the most powerful things that he had experienced. Said that he was handling things so much calmer. DASS 21 at Appointment 3 showed a reading of 1 and 2 for stress and anxiety. Patient said that he had not experienced sudden major changes but gradual changes that enabled him to handle life better. Gave me the knife that he always carries at Appointment 3