Free Webinar – ‘Performance, Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome – May Webinar Series – #2

Judith Richards, creator of TRTP, in conversation with Sally Wilson, trusted coach and trauma-buster for high-achievers in the arts, sports and business worlds.

What you will learn on this webinar:

• Understand WHY these issues of Performance, Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome occur – particularly in High Performers.

• What prevents Best Performance?

• How to resolve the issues that interfere in High Performance, Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome.

Sally Wilson’s life and career have been characterised by risk-taking and challenging the ‘norm’. She went from farm girl to a 20-year international career as a high-profile opera singer.

In studying the foundations of ‘being well’ in both mind and body, and the paths to the highest human potential since her teens, Sally spent time in Zen monasteries and ashrams, studied Aikido and philosophy, ran trail ultra-marathons and studied yoga, delved into meditation techniques and swift trauma resolution methods and, in the most practical and personal way, studied the secrets of peak performance.

The thrust of Sally’s work is helping people turn their baggage into gold and liberate their potential – not only for ‘success’ in the truest sense of the word but for happiness and fulfilment. Her work spans the peak performance space – an area she has decades of personal experience in – through to the resolution of such conditions as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome and PTSD, and incorporates both cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom.

Join us for this free webinar on this popular subject.

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