Live Podcast – Michael Sandler’s Inspire Nation with Judith Richards

Michael Sandler interviews Judith Richards on this live podcast discussing trauma.


With over 273k followers on youtube alone, and listeners in 185 countries, Michael Sandler’s “Inspire Nation” is the premium podcast for spirituality, self help and wellbeing.

Michael interviews Judith Richards on the subject of Trauma and how TRTP Rapidly Relieves Anxiety, Stress, PTSD & Depression! By Resolving Traumatic Events.

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This live event is Scheduled for

Friday 17th March

11.00am QLD, Australia (AEST)

12.00pm NSW,VIC,TAS (AEDT)

9.00am WA (AWST)

Thurs 16th March

6.00pm Los Angeles CA (PDT)

8.00pm TX (CDT)

9.00pm NY (EDT)

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11 March 2023

Hi, I’m Judith Richards, creator of TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process.) My purpose with this podcast, is to share what I’ve learned in my journey through extreme trauma to wellness. I found a way. TRTP was the result. If you believe, as I do, that we can do mental health Better, then join me. If you’re looking to deal with your clients' or own mental health challenges, let’s hang out together.

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A trauma-impacted brain changes in both function and structure. It changes in very predictable ways - parts of the brain are up-regulated and parts are down-regulated.

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On this webinar Judith and Petrina discuss Petrina's experience of TRTP training and the documented outcomes of her work with her clients.

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