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As the best-selling author of a kids’ book series and a highly publicized thought leader featured on TED-Ed, Fox, NBC, CBS, BuzzFeed, and the Today show, Cathy is making waves as a new-generation parenting expert. Her 20+ years of experience in teaching, counseling, psychology, sociology, hypnotherapy, coaching, and raising her own five neurodivergent children has given her tremendous insight into parent-kid dynamics. Cathy is a Founding Member and Chair of The Association of Transformational Leaders Australia, a regional branch of Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council. Through her parenting empire, Cathy empowers and supports the parents of children who are destined for greatness, helping them to unlock their children’s infinite potential so they can grow into the world-shaping leaders that humanity demands through virtual programs and her exclusive private practice.


“Cathy has made such a difference in our lives! She has coached our teenage son and I have seen his thinking change from unmotivated, angry, and lost; to motivated and happy, with a stronger sense of identity and high goals. We have seen psychologists in the past but Cathy has helped him change his way of thinking much faster than they ever did. I can’t rave enough about this extraordinary woman!” ~Jessica, Australia.

“I think you replaced our daughter with an alien! She is a completely different child. She is calmer and thinks about what she wants to say before she speaks. She is making better choices and has been sleeping a lot better. Jane says she has made new friends from the school that she never had spoken to in the schoolyard before because she has the confidence to approach people. She has had no signs of self-harming or anti-depressants for two months now, all thanks to working with Cathy. Thank you, Cathy, I can not tell you how much we appreciate what you did for Jane. Her grandmother called tonight and made a comment about how she could hear a smile in her voice for the first time in years.” ~Constance, USA.

“Over the years, I have undertaken many different types of therapy, programs, and healing practices in order to resolve my past trauma. I have had moderate to mild success; however, the past ugly demons seem to have continued to integrate themselves back into my life. That was until I discovered the incredible Cathy Domoney & the TRTP method! I am truly gobsmacked and blown away at the efficacy of this method, as well as the sheer brilliance of Cathy as the facilitator of the therapy. My adult life has always been haunted and affected by sexual abuse trauma and abusive relationship trauma, however now that I’ve been through the process with Cathy, I can honestly say that it’s just not there anymore. I have never felt so confident in myself and my abilities, and for the first time in my life, I’m actually looking forward to my very bright future. Thank you, Cathy, for guiding me through this extraordinarily potent and extremely speedy trauma-release process! My life will be forever positively changed, and I will be forever grateful.” ~Kristi Atkinson.

“Working with Cathy Domoney is a very sacred experience. She has a special gift of understanding the male psyche and deep masculinity, knowing how to unleash the fullest, heart-based potential in successful ‘alpha’ men. Revealing the blind spots holding you back- Cathy redefines the word ‘alpha’ by tapping successful men into their heart, integrity, and fullest potential of their dormant or not fully actualized- GREATNESS. Creating a safe, confidential, and boldly truthful container where you feel you have a world-class coach whispering tactics in your ear of how to win the next round in the heavyweight final.”

~Dan Hamill. Film & TV Lead Actor | CEO Dan Hamill Performance Coaching.

“Cathy is incredibly gifted as an intuitive guide for anyone who values deep seeing and subtly sophisticated support in aligning with their true essence. She sees deeply, cares deeply, feels deeply, and serves with tremendous integrity and presence. Her passion and commitment to young people are palpable, and there is no question she is doing the work she’s meant to do right now in the world, at a time when children need her gifted support more than ever.”

~Anne Rose Hart, M.A. Creator of QUANTUM PLAYTM.

“Cathy, when I met you over in L. A. with this group of extraordinary leaders, I gravitated to you right away because you bring such energy, joy, and wisdom into the room. I’ve been tracking the books that you’ve been writing for kids and the work that you’ve been doing. So this is just a huge honor and pleasure to be in conversation with you.”

~Dr. Scott Mills. Ph.D. CEO Human Evolutionaries.

“Cathy, you have incredible influence, what you are accomplishing has been a great gift to all parents. You are a great role model for all parents about what needs to happen to move forward.” ~Dr. Lori Leyden. Ph.D. MBA. Developer of The Grace Process™ | Founder of Create Global Change.

“Cathy is the closest thing to a real-life Mary Poppins you’ll ever meet. She has the exact combination of warm understanding, coupled with out-of-the-box thinking, that leads to instant confidence. After you meet her, you’ll understand why she is able to connect so deeply, not just to children, but nearly anyone. Compassionate but not soft. Funny but never cruel. Supportive in a magical way that guides without pushing. She is a fierce champion for the potential in all our children, regardless of how they are labeled or act out. She is someone you trust implicitly to deliver whatever she says, with or without the spoonful of sugar.”

~Tanya Dyer. Esq. Divorce Lawyer | Author | Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) for Children Custody Cases.

“Cathy’s gentleness belies a fearless commitment to effectively communicating at every level, from sweet laughter to tough conflict resolution. I’ve seen her do both and she’s inspiring.”

~Jane Jordan. Money and You.

“Cathy is pure unconditional love that happens to be human-shaped. When in her presence, you feel truly seen, heard, and supported in a safe and supportive environment.”

~Lyndsay Mustain.

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