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TRTP Practitioner


Abuse/Bullying, Anxiety, Complex Trauma, Depression, PTSD, Suicidality



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Fran Nguyen



Trauma Counselling


Reydon, GB

In-person, Online

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Fran has a wealth of experience having been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years, and has worked in Emergency Departments for over 18 years, She has also worked as a Clinical Facilitator for Griffiths University

Fran has worked in the UK. Pakistan, Hong Kong and Australia. Whilst in HOng Kong, Fran lived and worked in a Vietnamese Refugee camp along with about 8000 Vietnamese boat people. She then emigrated to Australia to help those who has moved to Australia to settle into their new homeland. She met and married one of them and they have 3 sons… who now live on 3 different continents!

Fran discovered TRTP in 2019 and flew back to Australia from the UK for the training.. and has since used TRTP in her practice where she is working as a Trauma Escape Artist, counselling those with PTSD, anxiety, depression and various other issues. She was married to a Vietnamese Boat person who suffered from PTSD and so has pleant of first hand experience, as well as suffering mental and spiritual abuse together with her boys, until they managed to leave the marital home in 2011. Not knowing how to help her then husband, has meant that Fran is excited to discover that TRTP. really does help to turn off the video loops in peoples minds, and help them get back on track with their lives… and has been able to help many clients find new hope and a new meaning to life!

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