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Social Worker, Counsellor, Therapist


Bachelor of Social Work


Anxiety, Complex Trauma, Depression, PTSD, Relationships



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Lauren Sokolski



Lauren Sokolski Individual & Relationship Counselling


Bentleigh/Caulfield North, VIC AU

In-person, Online

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Are you struggling with:

• anxiety •depression • low self-esteem •shame •fears •the impact of abuse and/or bullying(past or present) •life-threatening events •any other traumatic or distressing experiences?

TRTP can help you to process these quickly, safely and effectively. I absolutely love facilitating TRTP and am always amazed at the outcomes for my clients. This is a truly unique process. Why continue to be limited by your negative unconscious core beliefs? Why continue to suffer and not thrive when this highly effective process can assist you to achieve greater well-being and freedom?

I am passionate about doing TRTP with clients and will work with you to assess if this is the right approach for you, or when might be the best time to engage in the process. Sometimes a few counselling sessions before-hand may be necessary to get you ready for the process and to help me understand more fully how best to work with you.

I am an accredited mental health social worker and have been providing therapy and counselling to inidividuals and couples for over 30 years. My extensive experience and varied training provides a strong foundation for my naturally intuitive sense as a therapist. I am very mindful of the importance of your need to feel safe in the therapeutic process and maintain strong client-therapist boundaries to assist with this. I am honest and transparent in my work with you and always treat you with respect.

Counselling is a collaborative process which allows you to explore your issues in depth and find new ways of handling them. You are the expert in your own life and I believe that change occurs best in an authentic client-therapist relationship. I am always mindful of my role as your therapist and meet you with non-judgmental acceptance. I practice from a holistic approach, which means I take into account the whole of YOU: the way you think, how you feel, your dreams, values and beliefs, the impact on you of family issues, both past and present, job stresses, cultural background, migration experience, health issues and anything else which might be significant.

I am committed to working with you so that you can move towards creating balance in your life and feel greater life satisfaction and joy, and to help you to resolve any trauma-related symptoms that have been running your life.

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