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Dr Lynne Magor-Blatch



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Yass, NSW, Australia


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Biographical Information My initial training was in the arts, and I worked as an art teacher for some years before moving into the alcohol and other drug (AOD) field, and specifically within therapeutic communities.  As Director of therapeutic communities, I established programs for families with children and for adult clients within community and custodial settings.  This has been a continuing area of practice, and I have been fortunate to have worked in a number of Government and non-Government (NGO) organisations, in policy development and mental health practice, both in Australia and the UK over the course of my career.

Twenty years after my original training, I returned to university to commence studies in psychology, and qualified as a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist, also completing a PhD with the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (UNSW) in 2013.  I have taught at university level, supervising students in Masters’ degrees in Health and Clinical Psychology, and trained in a number of modalities.  Over the years, the majority of my clients have come to me with complex trauma stories – including childhood and family abuse, AOD and complex personality issues.  A good deal of my work has been with first responders, whose exposure to events has left them with deep trauma stories.

My practice has always combined expressive therapies – working on the unconscious, often through the use of sandplay and EMDR with both adults and children.  As I researched the mind-body connection, and began to understand more about how the brain changes as a result of PTSD and trauma events, the more I became committed to working with the unconscious – it made absolute sense.  TRTP™ has provided the missing link in my practice – and the results are stunning.  My practice has expanded in this way, and I see myself now as an integrative psychologist, uniting psychology and other alternative and complementary approaches.   It is an holistic approach with a focus on wellness.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I am an accredited Medicare provider.  As a Clinical Psychologist with a PhD qualification I have provided training and services to individuals and organisations in Australia, UK, Europe and the USA.

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