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TRTP Practitioner


TRTP Practitioner (The Richards Trauma Process) TFT Practitioner (Thought Field Therapy) NLP Practitioner (Neurolinguistics Programming) B.A. LLB. HH Dip (A.Th.) HH Prac.(Coun)


Anxiety, Depression, Performance/Burnout, Stress



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Maria Zuiddam



Mind Renew




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Originally from a legal background, Maria worked for over 30 years as a divorce lawyer helping people pick up their lives after separation.

During her time as a lawyer and business owner, Maria studied a range of behavioural sciences, high performance coaching, as well as effective therapies to heal past childhood traumas that continue to impact client’s adult lives. Maria is passionate about helping people break free from chronic cycles of anger, rage, depression, anxiety or pstd, and to help them reach their better potential.

Maria uses the Richards Trauma Process to help clients overcome historically stored trauma/emotional pain, working from a root cause/subconscious belief level. The therapy process is fully guided by her and is gentle, fast, effective, and avoids re-traumatising. Most clients only require 3 x two hour sessions using the TRTP method to get life long results. All confidential individual sessions are held online and Maria welcomes new clients from all states of Australia as well and clients from : New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA & South Africa.


First 20 minute introductory call/ preliminary assessment is free of charge.

“Transforming yourself starts with renewing your mind.

Let me get you on that journey.”

-Maria Zuiddam

Founder, Mind Renew

What Maria’s clients say:

TRTP had a profound effect on me. It enabled me to be free from lifelong inhibitions, and emotional issues that I’d been carrying for a very long time. What I love is the feeling that I’m free to be the real me. I had tried a lot of therapies in the past but this one actually works!! and with Maria’s help I was able to resolve them quickly. Thank you Maria, I’m so glad I found this. (Australian male, name withheld for privacy)


A month later after finishing the TRTP therapy my entire life turned around. (Australian male, name withheld for privacy).


I felt thoroughly prepared for the sessions by Maria’s thoughtful pre-counsel. Each session was powerful, and I felt safe and secure and confident in Maria’s professional skills. The results have been tremendously effective bringing lasting healing to a very traumatic event in my life. I highly recommend Maria as a compassionate professional and gentle therapist using TRTP for outstanding lasting impact. (Australian female, name withheld for privacy).


Maria’s special interests:

• Helping men and women who have been recently separated/divorced

• Adults recovering from childhood abuse/neglect/scapegoating

• Survivors of domestic violence & trauma -based mind control

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