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Hi there,

I am a Psychotherapist who is interested in helping people resolve long-standing issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD in a relatively short space of time. The Richards Trauma ProcessTM enables me to do just that.

After over 20 years of experience working with people suffering from moderate to severe and enduring mental illness as a mental health nurse both in the UK and Australia, it became important to me to find a way of helping people that didn’t focus on an over-reliance on medication or long periods of talk therapy, only to watch them return seeking support for the same issues. Understanding that the majority of mental health issues are linked to our past experiences led me to seek effective and non-re-traumatizing therapies that helped people to truly ‘recover’ from the experiences of their past. This is when I came across TRTPTM, a simple step-by-step process that attends to our core issues, allowing us to truly move on from the past and…really create a future.

As a mental health nurse and academic with credentials recognized by the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses I have experience working with people with a wide range of acute psychological issues. My particular interests lie in supporting women and mothers to reclaim control over a dysregulated and often overwhelmed nervous system. Having experienced profound changes in myself, noticing the positive impact it has on my ability to consciously parent, and then taking clients through the same experience, I can honestly say that TRTPTM is ground-breaking (some of my clients call it ‘magic’!). Combining this process with a compassionate, culturally sensitive, and non-judgmental approach I aim to create the therapeutic connection that I know is central to healing, to be able to support you to take back control of your nervous system so that you too can create a life in which you are thriving. If you are ready for change, then get in touch, and let’s get to work!

For more information visit my website where you can request a free 20-minute consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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