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Tooronga, Victoria, Australia

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BIOGRAPHICAL INFO  Are you looking for someone to help you heal the past and step into the life you want to be living  so you feel empowered, safe, and fulfilled? Are you sick of not being able to do so?

I have been a registered psychologist, meditation teacher, executive coach and group facilitator since 1990.  Alongside decades of experience globally I am deeply trained in several modalities so that in everything I do with my clients, be they adults, children, couples, executives or teamsit always comes back to one thing – helping people feel unshakeably safe annd connected so they can be empowered and fulfilled in life be this in work or relationships.

TRTP is a ground breaking process for liberating people from trauma and distress by transforming typically unconscious old patterns that can readily sabotage our potential for being happy and fulfilled.  TRTP gets to the root of many complex issues quickly and effectively.

If you are feeling stuck, angry, hurt, sad, frightened, unable to move forward, locked in the past, fearful of the future, anxious or depressed, give me a call or drop me an email.  I love this work.

It is so gratifying and such a privilege to witness seeing people’s profound shift from being unhappy or stuck to loving and embracing life. The results speak for themselves.


Penny listens deeply, recognises client’s needs quickly and accurately. She provides the experiences and skill needed to help sustain healing and change.  She has long been engaged in eastern wisdom traditions and seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom techniques into her practice helping produce lasting change. In addition she offers (in person and online) meditation sessions, as well as regular workshops and retreats.  Penny brings a lifetime of passion and experience in psychology, eastern wisdom, healing, yoga and wholistic education. She is a writer and poet, gardener, wife, mother and grandmother.  Penny is registered with the Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria (PRB) and is a full member of the  Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi).  She is registered with Medicare as a Psychologist enabling clients to claim Medicare benefits as well as private health rebates where applicable.  Her professional qualifications include:  Post Grad Dip (Psychology): Swinburne University  Diploma in Education (now Deakin University Burwood)  Bachelor of Arts (Monash University)  Certified TRTP Practitioner,  Certified Ego State Therapist, Certified Enneagram Teacher

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