Vanessa Jarman

Vanessa Jarman is a qualified TRTP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, experienced working with clientele of all ages and walks of life across an expansive range of symptoms and all levels of complexity. Every challenge, every symptom, every sensitivity, every experience is unique to you and so too must your transformation journey be. Sessions are

Monica Guha

Hi there, I am a Psychotherapist who is interested in helping people resolve long-standing issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD in a relatively short space of time. The Richards Trauma ProcessTM enables me to do just that. After over 20 years of experience working with people suffering from moderate to severe and enduring mental

Cathy Domoney

As the best-selling author of a kids’ book series and a highly publicized thought leader featured on TED-Ed, Fox, NBC, CBS, BuzzFeed, and the Today show, Cathy is making waves as a new-generation parenting expert. Her 20+ years of experience in teaching, counseling, psychology, sociology, hypnotherapy, coaching, and raising her own five neurodivergent children has