Judy Goodward

I bring warmth , empathy, compassion and insight into my work as a psychologist. I have had a lifelong passion to find better ways of helping myself and others to manage the inevitability of life challenges in the most loving, connected and fulfilling way possible. I was drawn to TRTP in particular, due to the

Candice Fraser

Candice Fraser

Hi there, I’m Candice, a Therapist dedicated to helping people take back control of their lives. As with most trauma therapists I spent a long time working through my own past traumas until I uncovered the power of unconscious processing. Since then I have dedicated myself to supporting others to process their trauma in a

Dr Candace Ross

Candace Ross

I have been practicing as a psychologist and counselor for over 30 years, both in schools and private practice. One of the challenges has been finding an effective way to deal with persistent and resistant to treatment anxiety, depression and stress reactivity. Enter TRTP! I am grateful for the opportunity to share this process with

Andy Moule

Andy Moule

I have been studying and practicing different healing modalities for over twenty years, alongside a successful career in Financial Services as a professional Coach. It was my own struggles with anxiety and PTSD that led me on a two-decade journey of self-discovery and exploration of numerous talking, physical and energy therapies. After experiencing CBT, Psychodynamic

Michael Schaefer

Michael Schaefer

Unlock a brighter future with expert trauma resolution. As a seasoned psychotherapist, I specialize in swiftly and effectively guiding clients through complex trauma and now use TRTP to facilitate this. With a master’s degree in counselling I tailor treatment approaches to each individual as I’m dedicated to optimizing your healing journey. People are pleasantly surprised

Libby Slocum

Hello I’m Libby. I am passionate about helping people be free of what hold’s them back from full health on all levels. My background is in nutrition, reflexology, body work, energy psychology and Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I have worked one-on-one with clients for over 35 years, taking a deep interest in their emotional, spiritual

Fiona Mallard

In the past I have volunteered at Life Line, taught second year counselling students and was a counsellor at The Salvation Army. I am an ACA member and supervisor.   I have been working in private practice for many years using various modalities. I have found TRTP to be an efficient and powerful process in

Richard Fay

Richard is a qualified psychotherapist with over a decade of experience working with adolescents, adults, couples and families. As well as being a registered TRTP practitioner, Richard is a registered Clinical member and supervisor of PACFA Member No 22203. Richard is also the Ambassador of the Centre for Men and Families, a national not-for-profit organisation

Andi Green

In my own practice, I enjoy working with adults, couples and families. I have many years of experience working with a range of people across their life-span on a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, work/life stress, self-esteem, motivation and communication. I have a special interest in working with inter-generational issues and families that

Vanessa Jarman

Vanessa Jarman is a qualified TRTP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, experienced working with clientele of all ages and walks of life across an expansive range of symptoms and all levels of complexity. Every challenge, every symptom, every sensitivity, every experience is unique to you and so too must your transformation journey be. Sessions are

Priscilla Jaya

Hi, thank you for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about me. You can find my professional credentials here in my profile. I don’t want to bore you with that. I am someone who has experienced firsthand the power of TRTP. Healed from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, psychosis symptoms, I now have the power

Dr.Helen Mursell

Helen Mursell

Having worked as a clinical psychologist for more than 20 years, I have trained in a number of modalities and enjoyed supporting clients to overcome adversity. I always felt, however, there was something missing. For many, the journey to wellness was long or there seemed to be residual issues lingering from the past that continued