TRTP Endorsed Supervision & Coaching

TRTP endorsed supervision & coaching is a joint initiative providing practitioners access to ongoing development and support.

Endorsed supervisors provide this service in line with their governing professional bodies requirements. Endorsed coaches fall under the governance of TRTP and provide support and coaching

Supervisors act independently from TRTP in regards to supervision. All enquiries about supervision should be direct with the supervisor of your choice.

Please read through the supervisors short bio's below, and send an enquiry to the supervisor of your choice using the form at the bottom of this page. If you are intending on claiming hours for you own CPD the converse consult your own governing body.



Andi Green

Just like in my practice with clients, I believe and work on the premise that supervision is holistic, reflective and practitioner focused. I provide supervision to all TRTP Practitioners (as well as general supervision to psychologists, mental health social workers, counsellors and hypnotherapists for CPD and Peer Supervision purposes).
I provide only one-on-one supervision (half hour or hour) and I am able to do so via Telehealth or in-person (Melbourne).
Pre-booked regular supervision is preferable, but I can offer once off supervision depending on availability.

Supervisor (PACFA)

David Cluff

“David recognises that each client brings opportunity for ongoing development and growth, personally and professionally for each practitioner. “Our stuff” can be triggered and sometimes get in the way of our client’s optimal experience. David will support you through challenging clients to triumphant outcomes in order to increase your enjoyment as a TRTP practitioner and get the most out of your TRTP practice.”

Supervisor (AHPRA)

Helena McCallum

Supervision helps us gain confidence and clarity in our work. We get to ask the questions we were hesitant to ask in a larger group or social media context, and to be open about our fears and stuff-ups. We get to see how our own beliefs, expectations and self-concepts (conscious or not) might be hindering successful client outcomes. 30 years of practice as a psychologist and psychotherapist (Gestalt and Saphire Imagery as well as 6 years in TRTP) has convinced me there is always value and richness in questioning and deepening our practice by being open in a supervision holding space that is challenging, safe and enjoyable. So that’s what I commit to providing.

Supervisor (PACFA)

Richard Fay

I find supervision to be a rich learning environment where our skills in TRTP are deepened, our awareness of how our own stories can show up in our therapy with clients, and how to develop skills to get the best outcomes for our clients, regardless of how complex the issues seem to be. I love supporting supervisees in an engaging, collaborative and wholly non-judging space, both in group supervision environments (with up to 6 TRTP therapists over two hours) and in one-on-one supervision (usually for an hour). These are usually scheduled over the year so there is consistency of support and certainty around when superivision is available. Although the focus will be on TRTP, I have over a decade experience in many modalities as a psychotherapist and educator and I love seeing people empowered and thriving.

Supervisor (AHPRA)

Kim Hopson

I have been in private practice for over 30 years during which time I have been actively involved in my own individual and group supervision, as well as my own therapy in the different modalities in which I have trained. I believe that supervision and one’s own therapy are more powerful learning experiences than anything else. Supervision provides the opportunity to pause and reflect on our own inner life – our reactions to clients as well as our ‘self’. And each time we do this, we grow and develop more as a person and as a practitioner. Since training in TRTP in early 2016, TRTP now comprises at least 90% of my practice. Supervision is where I go to reflect on my process with my practice and with my clients. The supervision process can be challenging and supportive, informing but not prescriptive, and always rewarding. I offer group (four participants over 2 hours) and individual (1 hour) supervision sessions.



Stephen Gardiner

Providing Coaching and mentoring to TRTP Practitioners is something I enjoy immensely. I provide coaching in a safe and supportive environment that enables you to hone your skills and develop a deep understanding of both TRTP and your clients' needs. TRTP is a simple process. However, our clients can be challenged with complex issues. This is where ‘coaching’ helps. Understanding how our own stories can show up (and trigger us) during a session and how to deal with this is a big factor in getting the best outcomes for clients. Coaching is a ‘safe space’ where our skills in TRTP can be refined. It gives us an opportunity to bounce ideas off of someone else and importantly gives us an opportunity to remove our own roadblocks to achieving great outcomes. TRTP is an absolute passion of mine and assisting practitioners to achieve amazing results is what I love to do. I offer both one-to-one sessions (30 or 60 mins) on ZOOM or face-to-face in Brisbane. I also offer ZOOM group sessions (2-4 TRTP Therapists) . The sessions can be scheduled monthly or bi-weekly. Ad hoc individual sessions are possible depending on my availability.


Sally Wilson

TRTP coaching explores how our own perspectives, conditioning and positionalities can affect our work with clients and their outcomes. By developing new confidence and skills, we develop ourselves in the process. I have 5 years’ experience in TRTP and 25 years coaching and mentoring nationally and internationally. I offer coaching to TRTP practitioners who generally are practising in the coaching space – leadership, executive, health, performance, life, spiritual, creativity, or in body work or energy healing modalities. This consists of group coaching (maximum 6 participants over 2 hours, monthly) and individual coaching (usually for an hour, monthly). Ad hoc coaching is available and I cater to UK, European and USA time zones. The space I hold is a respectful, judgement-free zone where we can admit ‘failures’, express doubt and ask the questions we may not ask in a larger group. And humour and fun are certainly encouraged!

TRTP Endorsed Supervision

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