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Trauma is not stored in the conscious mind. Trauma is stored in the subconscious mind. TRTP™ works where the trauma is stored and addresses it there – in the subconscious mind.

TRTP™ also arrests client self-sabotage before it begins. It does this in the first session, by changing the unhelpful negative unconscious core beliefs to the positive. For example, if the unconscious has the belief , ‘It’s not safe to get well’ – self-sabotage will be the result. The unconscious will keep the client safe, according to its own beliefs. If this unconscious core belief is changed to ‘It’s safe to get well’ – then obviously, a positive outcome will be achieved more quickly, without the unconscious attempting to keep the client ‘safe’ in unwellness.

The biggest difference between TRTP and other modalities is the extraordinary, positive client outcomes.

As Norman Doidge, of brain plasticity renown, says, ‘When you’re on the cutting-edge, you don’t have time to sit in research projects for years. You just get on with it, otherwise, you are no longer on the cutting edge. ‘AND we at TRTP have our first research projects underway.

We have been teaching TRTP™ for a short time. We are embarking on our first pilot study. This study is being designed / overseen by members of our graduate community.

It is up to each student to approach their own professional association regarding this. However this is an education program designed to expand the skills of the practitioner and as such most organisations accept TRTP as acceptable for PD points. Our psychologists, psychotherapists etc. have all been successful in getting PD points for their TRTP training.

The TRTP™ training program requires attendance for 2 x 1 ½ to 2 hour personal sessions with your mentor, being stepped through the first 2 sessions of TRTP™, exactly as your future clients will be. There’s nothing like experiential learning, is there?

Homework will be required before the first of these sessions.

Attendance is required for the 3-day Intensive Workshop.

After the workshop you are required to work with 10 clients, using TRTP™. Your mentor will be available to advise, ‘hold your hand’ while you engage in TRTP™ with these first clients.
You are required to deliver to your mentor 5 recordings of client sessions, during the 5 weeks following the 3-day Workshop. With these recordings your mentor will be able to coach you.

There are also online classroom sessions where we build on the knowledge gained during the 3 day workshop.

By the end of the 8 week TRTP Practitioner Training Program you will not just have knowledge, you will have experience working with your own clients under the close supervision of your mentor. You will actually know what you’re doing.

For further information re the structure of the TRTP Training Program please check the ‘TRTP Training’ webpage.

We have followed some past clients for over 7 years with continuing positive outcomes.

TRTP is the gift that keeps on giving. Many clients experience their life continuing to improve in many different ways, for many, many years.
TRTP creates fundamental change.

Of course not. There are never any guarantees in life. A successful outcome using The Richards Trauma Process™ is dependent on many elements which include and are not limited to the following; The willingness of the client to fully engage with the process. The environment that dominates the client’s world. A toxic environment will significantly reduce the potential for success of recovery for any client, if that client chooses to remain within that environment. The skill level of the practitioner. The more practice, the better we all become in all elements of life. As with any therapy, secondary benefits of the client, if not successfully dealt with, will interfere with a positive outcome. As the philosopher Seneca stated, 2000 years ago, ‘It is part of the cure to wish to be cured.’

Absolutely. We will be inviting all those who wish to contribute to the collection of studies and survey information to become fully engaged. A team of past graduates, associated academics, and researchers is gathering to ensure this process is fully supported.

It does sound too good to be true. Using current mental health practices, extraordinarily positive, quick outcomes are generally rare. The usual outcome is one of slow, incremental change.

We seem to have an entrenched view that if a person has been sick for a long time, it will take a long time for them to become well.

But what if that’s no longer necessary?

It makes sense that if a different outcome is being achieved, a different approach must be being used. It stands to logic that with TRTP™ we are doing something different. And we are.

Our TRTP Practitioners are very happy to talk with you. They are all listed in our TRTP Practitioner Directory on this website. However, please be respectful of their time. They, like you, are generally running their own businesses and their time is valuable.

TRTP™ is just as effective over video conferencing calls (Skype, Zoom) as it is face to face. It is important for both the client and the therapist to have a headset. The phone is not suitable for delivering TRTP.

The initial intensive training period is 8 weeks, followed by 3 months of being closely involved in our graduate community, with a weekly one-hour conference call as well as an on-line forum. Through these 2 avenues, assistance is always available for those tricky cases. Our new graduates are amazed at the level of warm, generous, wise support.

The initial 8 weeks training begins with you being stepped through TRTP Sessions 1 & 2, one-on-one with your mentor – face to face or by video conference call. You experience the first 2 sessions of TRTP™ just as your future clients will. And yes, you work on your own ‘stuff’. There’s nothing like experiential learning.

This is followed by a 3-day Intensive Workshop.

For the next 5 weeks there is a 2-hour video conference call each week. During this 5 weeks, you will work with 10 of your own clients, using TRTP™. Your mentor will ‘hold your hand’ and will be there to advise you, particularly in the first 2 weeks of this period. You will also have access to the on-line forum, where all our community post questions, tricky cases, learnings and celebrations. This forum is a wonderful resource.
During this 5 weeks you will be required to deliver 5 recordings of sessions to your mentor, so that they can give feedback and coaching. This is a fabulous opportunity for accelerated learning.