The Secret BEHIND Anxiety – some uncommon knowledge

THE SECRET BEHIND ANXIETY – some uncommon knowledge By Judith Richards, creator of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) Anxiety If you or someone you care about experiences anxiety, then you know what a dreadful and debilitating thing it can be. The Secret Behind Anxiety I want to share with you a “secret”, or UNCOMMON knowledge

Performance and The Mind

Performance and The Mind is our latest must-see webinar for those interested in how to cause the mind to produce high performance outcomes. Building on the content from our last webinar (High Performance and Self-Sabotage) High Performance and The Mind will be especially helpful for those who work with high-level athletes, performing artists or business

Domestic Abuse – It’s not always physical violence

Domestic Abuse has many forms – it is not always physical violence. Every week, TRTP Practitioners successfully treat survivors of domestic abuse. So often we are not even aware that what we’re experiencing is actually abuse. It creeps up… when it’s not physical violence, we shrug it off with excuses: ‘Oh he’s just feeling stressed

High Performance and Self Sabotage

This is a must-see webinar for those who work with high-level athletes, performing artists or business people. Hosted by Judith Richards, creator of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) and Sally Wilson, a coach and mentor for high-achievers in the arts, sports and business. READ MORE ABOUT THE PRESENTERS ———————————————– As a former international opera singer,

Does TRTP Work?

Does TRTP work? In this webinar, join Barry Eaton, ex-Broadcaster, as he asks the big questions… A lively panel discussion involving some of TRTPs most experienced practitioners. The Big Questions: Does it work? Were you sceptical? What is your experience as a TRTP practitioner? If you’re a Mental Health or Health Professional and would like

Fear – How Do We Deal With It?

We live in interesting times… There is a supposed Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times…’ These are certainly interesting times… And Fear abounds. The planet seems to be overtaken by it. What should we do with it? How should we deal with it? How can we assist our clients to be ok? Please

Trauma Implications in Chronic Pain – Resolve the Trauma, Resolve the Pain

Chronic pain costs the Australian economy $A73.2 billion/yr. according to Pain Australia’s Cost of Pain in Australia report at Parliament House, Canberra on Thursday, April 4, 2019.And this says nothing of the massive personal, family and community cost.Very often, in conditions such as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), the initial injury has healed but the pain continues. Join Judith Richards, creator of TRTP, Dr Dinah

Domestic Violence – the Trauma Behind Closed Doors

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – THE TRAUMA BEHIND CLOSED DOORS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (DV) occurs across ALL ages, genders, socioeconomic and demographic groups. There is a common misconception that domestic violence only occurs in low socioeconomic demographics. This is simply not true. There is also a common misconception that DV only affects women. This is also not true.


Women who have had a complicated or traumatic birthing experience may experience on-going symptoms after the arrival of their baby – from PTSD, with its flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety etc, to post-natal depression, emotional shutdown and inability to connect with their new baby and partner. It is also common for women to describe their labour as

How can I calm myself?

How can I calm myself quickly?  Sometimes it feels impossible, doesn’t it? It’s as if we’ve been taken over completely by our feelings. It’s a great question and there are a number of answers – and yes, some of them DO ACTUALLY WORK!!! Here’s one answer that is really effective.  I give it this short,

Recommendation from the Worlds Fastest Hypnotist

Award-Winning hypnotist Sean Michael Andrews is a graduate of Regents College. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a Certified Life Coach. Sean is the Supervising Instructor for the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute and he teaches the nurse anesthetist course for the American School for Clinical Hypnosis International. Sean holds a black