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October 2024

TRTP Trauma Training Program October 2024

October 04 @ 8:00 am
TRTP Practitioner Training
The Richards Trauma Process resolves trauma-related issues – quickly, safely and effectively, generally in 3 sessions. These trauma-related issues include PTSD, anxiety, depression etc. TRTP is a leading-edge, revolutionary mind technology. It is an elegantly simple yet enormously powerful mental health process that releases trauma and transforms lives quickly, easily and extremely effectively. It is easy to learn, easy to use and is backed up with a huge program of ongoing training and support as therapists work with clients and continue to develop their knowledge and skills. TRTP is based on the latest ‘cutting edge’ research. The process is easy and gentle for the client, yet extremely powerful. In three to four sessions, TRTP can achieve amazing outcomes – even in cases where years of therapy, drugs and other methods have failed. This process is transformative for clients and practitioners alike. Join the next student intake of the TRTP Trauma Training Program and become part of the warm, vibrant TRTP Community of Practitioners. Use TRTP to work with your clients to quickly create extraordinary, lasting life changes.

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