What is TRTP?

What is TRTP?

TRTP™ is a Revolutionary Process that resolves anxiety, depression, PTSD and other trauma-related issues in 3 steps.

It is a dynamic, rich and sequenced series of steps, which, if separated would not be anywhere near as powerful. It is unique. It allows space for the individual client’s needs to be met.

The TRTP model views the cause of anxiety, depression, PTSD and most other mental health issues, if not caused by physical illness or brain injury, as being caused by unresolved distressing events from the past.

The body, indeed the whole being, continues to respond as if those events are happening Now. The results are the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD etc.

Trauma is stored in the unconscious, not in the conscious mind. (Levine, van der Kolk, Rothschild, Ogden,)

In order to deal with trauma where it is stored, in the unconscious and in the body, TRTP™ uses the language of the unconscious and body - deep imagination. Using deep imagination, the requirements for trauma to be resolved are met.

For trauma to be resolved

TRTP™ is in alignment with the two requirements stated by van der Kolk, Levine and other trauma experts:

The person must (somehow) be moved to an empowered position in regard to the trauma
The body must (somehow) know that the event / events are over

TRTP™ initially deals with the underlying, unconscious core beliefs which keep a person stuck in patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. In dealing with this at the beginning of the process, self-sabotage is avoided during the following therapy.

TRTP™ then takes the emotional charge from the past, moving the client to a place of empowerment in relation to the trauma.

The client is shifted from fight/flight/freeze and moved to an empowered, self-regulated state. The sympathetic nervous system is calmed. The memory of the trauma is placed firmly in the past. The emotional charge of the past is resolved.

The client quickly moves from their state of fight, flight, freeze, of ‘I’m Not safe!’ to, ‘It’s over… I’m safe now…’

Calm returns, on all levels.

Symptoms, of anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. simply cease.

TRTP Practitioners take a client by the hand to the other side of their pain.

Frequestly Asked Questions

Trauma is not stored in the conscious mind. Trauma is stored in the subconscious mind. TRTP™ works where the trauma is stored and addresses it there – in the subconscious mind.

TRTP™ also arrests client self-sabotage before it begins. It does this in the first session, by changing the unhelpful negative unconscious core beliefs to the positive. For example, if the unconscious has the belief , ‘It’s not safe to get well’ – self-sabotage will be the result. The unconscious will keep the client safe, according to its own beliefs. If this unconscious core belief is changed to ‘It’s safe to get well’ – then obviously, a positive outcome will be achieved more quickly, without the unconscious attempting to keep the client ‘safe’ in unwellness.

The biggest difference between TRTP™ and other modalities is the extraordinary, positive client outcomes.

As Norman Doidge, of brain plasticity renown, says, ‘When you’re on the cutting-edge, you don’t have time to sit in research projects for years. You just get on with it, otherwise, you are no longer on the cutting edge. ‘AND we at TRTP™ have our first research projects underway.

We have been teaching TRTP™ for a short time. We are embarking on our first pilot study. This study is being designed / overseen by members of our graduate community.

We are currently doing case studies on the outcomes of TRTP™ with extreme complex PTSD, PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, fears and phobias and other trauma-related issues.

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