Darryl Shirt

I have been running a private counselling service for 5 years in the Goldfields of WA in Australia. My TRTP training has qualified me to practice as a TRTP practitioner since 2022. I have seen a folk engage with this process and expand their lives to new levels of freedom. I engage in the wider

Karin Sephton

If you feel that yesterday’s trauma and today’s anxiety and depression are ruling your life – I can assist you to overcome all these symptoms, quickly and safely, AND without drugs. TRTP changed my understanding of effective therapeutic intervention for trauma. I have been practicing as a Psychotherapist and Counselor for more than 30 years

Joann Farkas

I started studying counselling and graduated as a Holistic Counsellor in 2013 before graduating as a Kinesiologist in 2017 and continuing my education to certify as a Neurofeedback Practitioner soon after. Loving this approach and seeing the positive impact it was having on trauma sufferers and complex PTSD, I delved deeper into trauma studies and

Doug Aberle

I have a diverse range of clients encompassing corporate executives, fellow therapists, couples and individuals. The powerful, long term effectiveness of his therapy is such that almost all of my work is a result of referrals from satisfied clients. Recognising the profound and often debilitating impact of trauma on many of my clients and the

Dr Rosie McLaren

My earlier professional careers were that of a potter, an artist, a published writer and an educator.  For the past twenty-five years I have taught and practiced in the field of mental health.  I loved my earlier work and I am passionate about the work I do now.  I approach my therapeutic practice with curiosity,

Nita Schmidt

I am a passionate intuitive caring health professional with 30+ years experience. I have been described by my clients as hearing what is not said and asking questions to find the root cause of their problems. My personal mission is to take people through their pain to a life of fun, laughter and brilliance. Assisting