Female Middle aged, Panic attacks, significant anxiety, isolated, recently separated, child hood bullying, depressed, anxious and stressed.


31 yo female with history of panic/anxiety attacks since her early 20s. Recently separated with 2 young children. States she is feeling more unhappy and anxious since separating, however the relationship had fallen apart due to constant bickering. Feels guilty about the children who are missing their father and feels uncertain of her future.


Client requesting help for anxiety. States she is miserable and feels stuck in a negative loop. Doesn’t want to be reliant on parents but is finding she needs support and although she doesn’t have a close relationship with either, they are good grandparents.

Homework was presented to me at session one. History of bullying in primary school. Father critical and overbearing. Mother emotionally absent. Felt like the “black sheep” of the family. Risky behavior as teenager- fell in with the wrong crowd, started drinking and experimenting with drugs. Hospitalised when found unconscious after a heavy drinking session.


DAS session 1- moderate depression, moderate anxiety and Stress. Homework and muscle testing prior to session 1 revealed recurring theme and pattern of behavior which was both validating and eye opening for the client.


Classic TRTP (3 sessions, each a week apart)


DAS normal prior to session 3

Client reports feeling calm and clear headed after session 1.

Following session 2 experienced initial nausea. In the days that followed, client reported feeling calm and she noticed her mood had lifted. Client made a decision to connect with husband.

Following session 3, DAS normal for each category.

Client reports feeling excited about her future and feels a sense of control of her life.

1 month on reunited with husband. Client reports their relationship is going strong, she is feeling happy and relaxed.