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Psychotherapist, Counsellor


Certified practicing member of PACFA Bachelor of Business management, Bachelor of Psychology(Sogang Uni), Master of Educational Psychology (Sydney uni), 2yr’s (post-grad. Level) Specialist training in Holistic Psychotherapy & Counseling


Abuse/Bullying, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Stress



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Soo Jin Kim



Ayull Mindwork


Seoul, Republic of Korea

In-person, Online

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I am a PACFA registered counselor & psychotherapist, who has studied and trained mostly in Australia, and currently practicing in south Korea. I speak both Korean(native) & English(second), and meet international clients online and offline.

My professional background includes studying Psychology and training in holistic psychotherapy approaches, including mindfulness & meditation-based therapies, somatic therapies, compassion-based intervention as well as CBT’s. Personally I’ve been practicing Buddhist meditation over 20yrs, which works as a source of keen awareness during my therapeutic sessions, I believe.

Over the years, I have learnt that psychological and physical symptoms are the reflection of how we value and treat ourselves and others, and we can change these attitudes not necessarily in a long term. TRTP is one of the most powerful experiences that gave me this insight.

With me, clients can expect to relieve their overwhelming symptoms in a time-efficient way without re-traumatizing themselves. Our journey will be an opportunity to evolve from healing wounds to developing compassionate and authentic relationships with self and others. This work is the joy and calling of my life. Every day, I take one step forward on this path with my clients.

With TRTP, this process usually takes place within 3-sessions. We work through the unresolved issues underlying the symptoms in a safe and well-structured way. Unlike counseling, TRTP is a structured program, which includes therapeutic components such as Mindfulness, Gestalt Therapy, Self-compassion, Cognitive Therapy, Ego-state Therapy, Parts work etc.
Clients are gently guided to release their emotional burden with self-assurance, wisdom, and compassion.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether I’m the right therapist for you and whether we can make TRTP effectively together, please email me. To note, I generally work with adult individuals and couples over the age of 25, and TRTP works best when there is a strong desire and commitment to change.

Your transformation is the best gift you can give to your loved ones, your community, and all beings in this world.

Wishing you all peace!

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