Carole Young

“A warm welcome to my profile.  I work primarily as a trauma therapist, but I also work as a physiotherapist, rehabilitation counsellor and chronic pain therapist. I am Medicare, private health fund, AHPRA and SIRA (NSW) approved and a member of the Australian Pain Society. Everyone has trauma, whether they are aware of it or

Dharamjot Khalsa

Are you familiar with having a good intention to start a new healthy habit? You manage with WILL POWER and keep focused for a while but then something happens and you have sabotaged yourself and fall off track! Which then creates more feelings of guilt and disappointment. This can be a sign that your unconscious

Alison Willis

A motto close to my heart is “Per ardua ad astra”– From adversity to the stars- and I work with my clients so they can achieve this goal. I know, from professional and personal experience, how hard it can be to truly move on from adverse experiences. I also know that often, even when we

Melissa Judd

Integra Healing Co is a culmination of skills that have supported me on my own journey to healing.  It is now my honour to now use these skills i have learnt to support others in their healing journey.