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Are you familiar with having a good intention to start a new healthy habit? You manage with WILL POWER and keep focused for a while but then something happens and you have sabotaged yourself and fall off track! Which then creates more feelings of guilt and disappointment. This can be a sign that your unconscious mind is just not ready to support your conscious commitment which the TRTP™ process directly heals.

I help people to nourish their whole Being which includes Body, Mind and Soul. With over 15 years experience with supporting people on their wellness journey, I have integrated many modalities personally through daily practice which brings a rich experience to my TRTP™ sessions. Particulary if you have been struggling with weight issues, feeling unworthy or an imposter.

I work with clients from all around the world including USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Offering face to face sessions in inner Mebourne, Vic and online with Zoom. You can contact me for a 30min session to discuss what you would like to experience from completing TRTP™ and see how you can receive ongoing support to establish and commit to the nourishing habits that make you feel great.

I have lived in Australia and Malaysia. I am married and have two daughters. living in Melbourne. I enjoy bike riding on the many bike paths around town. I approach my work with a kind heart and a lightness that allows for serious and supported shifts that are integrated and lasting.

Here is a recent testimonial from Andy who is 74 years old

“Doing TRTP with Dharamjot is the best process I have ever done. I found it challenging, and had to remind myself I believe in the process.
Now a couple of weeks after the finish, I am In admiration of and grateful to Dharamjot for her skills and understanding of human nature, and dealing with trauma.
This process has made me stronger, more confident and definitely happier.
Thanks DJ”

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