Free Webinar – What Locks In Anxiety? – May Webinar Series – #1

Uncommon Knowledge – What ‘Locks In’ Anxiety and How to ‘Unlock’ It.

This webinar may just change the way you view anxiety.

What if there was a way:

  • to ‘unlock’ anxiety?
  • to assist those suffering from anxiety – to a life free of panic attacks, intrusive fear and heightened stress response?
  • it was a lasting solution?

Many therapists are frustrated and drained – witnessing many of their clients achieving only slow, incremental change.

What if I were to tell you:

  • there are currently mental health and health professionals using a radical, relatively new approach to resolve anxiety and achieving ridiculously positive results? (And going home at the end of the day exhilarated, rather than exhausted.)
  • they are achieving these results – in only 3 steps

Now that’s starting to sound more than ridiculous, right?

But what if it were true?

Online Via Zoom

When: Thursday 18th May,  2023

Time: 5.00pm Qld Time, AEST

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If anyone's voluntary / conscious mind wants to be well, but their involuntary / subconscious mind holds the belief, 'It's not safe to be well!' - it's going to be very difficult... There will be self-sabotage. Whenever the conscious and the subconscious mind are not in agreement there will be subconscious self-sabotage. For example, if a client is aiming to achieve a safe, warm intimate relationship and their subconscious is screaming, 'It's not safe to love or be loved!' - there will be subconscious self-sabotage.

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