Trauma Anger – Why anger management often doesn’t work

Trauma Anger

Do you have clients with anger issues?

Do you feel frustrated and exhausted sitting in front of them session after session, seeing only small improvements?

If yes… I would like to invite you to attend a free one-hour webinar, providing you with the opportunity to discover how trauma anger is very different from other anger and how it is possible to turn it off.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • how the anger/rage of trauma is very different from ‘normal anger
  • what ‘locks in‘ the anger of trauma and PTSD, and
  • by what mechanism the anger of trauma can be ‘unlocked’ quickly, effectively, and safely.


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When: Wed 22nd March

5.00pm Los Angeles CA (PDT) / Vancouver Canada

7.00pm Houston TX (CDT)

8.00pm New York NY (EDT)


Thur 23rd March

11.00am NSW, VIC, TAS (AEDT)

10.00am QLD (AEST)

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If anyone's voluntary / conscious mind wants to be well, but their involuntary / subconscious mind holds the belief, 'It's not safe to be well!' - it's going to be very difficult... There will be self-sabotage. Whenever the conscious and the subconscious mind are not in agreement there will be subconscious self-sabotage. For example, if a client is aiming to achieve a safe, warm intimate relationship and their subconscious is screaming, 'It's not safe to love or be loved!' - there will be subconscious self-sabotage.

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