Workshop: The 1st Steps of TRTP

If anyone’s voluntary / conscious mind wants to be well, but their involuntary / subconscious mind holds the belief, ‘It’s not safe to be well!’ – it’s going to be very difficult…

There will be self-sabotage.

Whenever the conscious and the subconscious mind are not in agreement there will be subconscious self-sabotage.

For example, if a client is aiming to achieve a safe, warm intimate relationship and their subconscious is screaming, ‘It’s not safe to love or be loved!’ – there will be subconscious self-sabotage.

The involuntary / subconscious mind runs the autonomic nervous system AND it keeps our patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour locked in place. It keeps patterns of relationship and other life patterns locked in place.

What if you could quickly change the programming of this subconscious mind?

What if you could quickly have the subconscious mind in agreement with the conscious mind – to achieve change?

Once we get the subconscious mind in agreement with the conscious mind – Bingo! The subconscious sabotage stops and extraordinary shift can happen.

Learn how to quickly, effectively reprogram the subconscious mind to stop self-sabotage. Learn skills that you can use immediately with your clients.

These are the first steps of TRTP.

Please join me in this content-dense, experiential workshop.

You will learn:

A simple process to stop your client’s Self Sabotage in its tracks.

Fast, effective, easy to learn – use it immediately.

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