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• Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist & Trainer, Resource Therapy International, 2020 • Certified TRTP Practitioner, 2018 • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, 2011 • Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, London College of Clinical Hypnosis, 2005-2006 • Sports Psychology & Hypnosis, London College of Clinical Hypnosis, 2005 • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, London College of Clinical Hypnosis, 2005 • Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis, London College of Clinical Hypnosis, 2004


Anxiety, Depression, Men's Mental Health, PTSD, Stress



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Andy Moule



Be Calm Within


NSW, Australia

In-person, Online

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I have been studying and practicing different healing modalities for over twenty years, alongside a successful career in Financial Services as a professional Coach.

It was my own struggles with anxiety and PTSD that led me on a two-decade journey of self-discovery and exploration of numerous talking, physical and energy therapies. After experiencing CBT, Psychodynamic therapies, Timeline Therapy, NLP, and EMDR, to name just a few, I was left feeling deeply frustrated. While I had great cognitive understanding and sophisticated coping strategies, I could still be overwhelmed by the reactivity that ambushed me at the most inopportune times. I had a deep and pervasive sense of not being safe.

My life changed when I discovered The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), a safe and effective process that resolved the PTSD in three sessions. My transformation was profound, and I no longer needed to rely on coping strategies to maintain my internal peace and calm. It enabled me to reconnect with myself and bring back a deep sense of “I am Safe, and I Belong”.

I qualified as TRTP® Practitioner in 2018 and have the great honour of utilising TRTP with others, so they don’t have to go through years of frustration and expense trying to find lasting relief from their personal challenges.

I use my extensive experience in coaching to help people integrate the profound changes from TRTP.

I work with older teenagers, men and women.

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