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TRTP Trauma Therapist, Mediator


Bachelor of Social Work (Monash) Grad Dip Family Dispute Resolution Certified TRTP Practitioner


Abuse/Bullying, Addictions, Depression, Relationships, Stress



Social Media


Anthony Grimes



Family Mediation Melbourne (self employed)


Balnarring, VIC 3926 Australia

In-person, Online

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I am a Certified TRTP Practitioner, a mediator and conflict resolution coach. I have worked in the welfare and community sector for over 40 years. I trained in TRTP Therapy in 2021.

As a mediator, I have been concerned with the levels of underlying distress and trauma that many of my clients in that field have presented with. This predates their dispute. Often it goes a long way back, back to childhood, school, or a major shock or disappointment earlier in their lives. It frequently has little or nothing to do with their current dispute.

Relief of such distress usually remains well beyond the remit of dispute resolution. I have recommended them and referred to counselling and therapy wherever possible.

A counselling colleague told me recently the remarkable results she was seeing in clients with whom she had started using The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). It provides a very fast relief of symptoms over the course of a small number of sessions. Now I have witnessed this in my own practice. Clients are radically transformed.

I see clients face to face (usually in Ormond but will consider other locations where necessary) and via Zoom. I am available at very flexible times – office hours and after hours and weekends.

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