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Carol McGregor

Carol is a woman who has overcome depression, anxiety and the lingering, negative emotional effects of cancer. She knows first-hand how it feels to believe that life has dealt a “bad” hand.

Carol’s healing journey started when she made a choice to be well, and she began investigating various healing modalities that would help her find a way to the other side of her pain.

No amount of talk therapy helped, and she realised that decades of conditioning, conservative family values and a traditional mindset was what she needed to change. Carol wanted to think, feel, and experience her life differently.

Eventually she found a way to resolve her symptoms of trauma and developed a deep sense of inner peace as a result. This knowledge has formed the foundation of the rich full life that she enjoys today – which something that she couldn’t have ever imagined back then in her darkest days.

Carol uses her lived experience, knowledge, and decades of inner work to help other women who are wanting to resolve their symptoms of trauma and go on to live a life aligned with their desires.

TRTP forms the basis of the program that she offers to all her clients looking for lasting change and wanting to shift outdated internal programming and old ways of thinking. Carol believes the magic happens when we change our perspective; “because who we are is enough.”

The language of the subconscious is the imagination, and this fact underpins all her work as a transformation coach.”

Carol lives in Sydney with her husband and is a student at The School of Practical Philosophy.

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