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“A warm welcome to my profile.  I work primarily as a trauma therapist, but I also work as a physiotherapist, rehabilitation counsellor and chronic pain therapist. I am Medicare, private health fund, AHPRA and SIRA (NSW) approved and a member of the Australian Pain Society.

Everyone has trauma, whether they are aware of it or not and trauma pretty much runs the show, dominating the subconscious mind. If you have experienced disturbed sleep/nightmares, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD,  and chronic pain, or even just notice the same patterns sabotaging your relationships and your capacity to function to your fullest potential, then you need to work on your trauma. When I say “work” on your trauma, I don’t mean the highjacked ‘new age’ meaning of “do your work”, I mean the gritty, don’t look away work of dealing with your stuff. This requires you to step up and show up.


As a physiotherapist, I also closely follow the neuroscience and research into the relationship between chronic pain and trauma.  This has deepened my understanding of the importance of working with the body’s subconscious to effect real change, utilizing the neuroplastic capacity of the brain. This is why my modalities, including TRTP have been transformative for my clients. My expertise is working with the mind and the body to allow healing to occur using various top down and bottom up psychotherapy techniques.   As a professional dealing with injury, anxiety, pain and suffering for 45 years in my rehabilitation work, along with my own personal experience of trauma in my teenage years, I have a huge amount of experience, training, and practical life wisdom to offer.  My approach is directive, but at the same time, I use a compassionate inquiry model and work on connection to true self (some call this the connection to the divine). Given the right conditions, I firmly believe in the power of the body to heal itself.  I ‘orchestrate’ that process.  I do virtual and face to face sessions and I am constantly in awe of the transformation I see in a client when they are freed from the hold that past trauma has had on their mind and body.”

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