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Dr Patrick Rawstorne, Clinical Psycholog



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Dr.Patrick Rawstorne



Mona Vale Psychology


Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia


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I am an experienced clinical psychologist as well as academic researcher and hold a Senior Lecturer adjunct position with UNSW (University of New South Wales).  As a clinical psychologist, I use a collaborative, client-focussed, strengths-based approach when working with clients to address their difficulties.  I respect all clients and their uniqueness, as well as the diversity of challenges people bring to therapy. I am here to work with you as someone who has lived a full life and experienced some of life’s challenges.  I recognise and respect the courage often needed to address mental health concerns and other difficulties in our lives, as well as the desire to gain greater insight and self-responsibility. I find it exciting and a privilege to work with clients and share parts of their journeys. I look forward to meeting and working with you.  I provide assessment, counselling and treatment for adults and older adolescents, as well as couples. The areas where I can help clients include a range of behavioural, emotional and relationship difficulties:

  • depression, sadness, and grief
  • anxiety, worry, and panic attacks
  • post-traumatic stress
  • stress management
  • anger management
  • dependence and addiction (e.g. gambling, drugs, alcohol, etc)
  • emotional dysregulation
  • erratic and unwanted behaviour
  • sexual and gender identity as well as other identity challenges
  • relationship difficulties
  • challenges in living with chronic illness

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