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My purpose is to: ‘Facilitate people to know inner powerful peace so they can step into a life of fearless freedom’.

For over 20 years I have been a psychotherapist and Mental Health Social Worker in Private practice. I have been a seeker, student and facilitator of the most effective personal change processes available, guiding clients to overcome their issues and step into their greatness. I discovered TRTP early in 2017 and it truly changed my own life in so many ways. Since then I have taken hundreds of people through the TRTP journey and am a mentor of the work.

Through my training I have gained a deep understanding of how trauma leads to specific themes and ‘symptoms’ that play out in a person’s experience and by applying a couple of key ingredients necessary, specific to the ingenious process of TRTP and the individual needs of my clients, issues simply transform. It is so wonderful to continually witness the amazing outcomes my clients achieve from TRTP. I feel privileged to facilitate people to step to the other side of their pain and fear, holding the space in a safe, non judgemental and compassionate connection.

I have a particular interest in issues related to:

Anxiety and depression, abuse/sexual assault/bullying, abandonment, money and lack, Chronic fatigue & food & weight issues & Destructive emotions -anger, guilt, shame, fear.

I hosted a world wide Tele-Summit interviewing renown teachers/founders of self development & interviewed Judith Richards in 2018 to an international audience.

I work with people worldwide over an online meeting room which works really well for TRTP and have rooms in Park Orchards in Melbourne. I am an accredited Medicare provider.

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