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Holistic Trauma Therapist


TRTP PractitionerAdv Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy and PsychotherapyNLP Practitioner


Addictions, Chronic Illness, Midlife Crisis, PTSD, Women's Mental Health



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Marijke Miller



Body Mind Shock



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My name is Marijke, your TRTP practitioner.

My journey began in the southern mountains of New Zealand, and took me on a long, colourful, winding road of life experiences, bringing me to you now from Darwin, in the tropical north of Australia.

I am a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, companion and friend. I introduce myself in this way because in the culture of my birth country, and the land on which I now stand, it is respectful for me to acknowledge where I come from and who I am connected to, so that we may find a commonality to link us.


​In my practice I am deeply attentive to you as an individual, and have several decades of experience working with the complexities inherent in, and impacting on, the individual human spirit. I assist people in identifying, and then guiding them through to the other side of what keeps them stuck. With extensive training in how the body and mind respond when under attack (physical and emotional), I bring this to my work to help you create a more resilient and empowered foundation.

My areas of training, special interest, and experience, are particularly suited to clients who struggle with physical aches, pains, and discomfort from injury, through to those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and low self-worth that may stem from ADHD, LGBTQ+, domestic violence, chronic illness, and rapid lifestyle changes.

​The first step on your journey was recognising you needed help.

The second is to find a practitioner you feel drawn to, who you can trust to guide you to the other side of whatever you are currently facing.

​I am available in Darwin and Melbourne in Australia, or via telehealth worldwide.


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