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TRTP Practitioner - Agent for transformational leadership


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Miriam Coleman



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As an agent for change my focus is leveraging leadership through human connection.

My intention for TRTP is that we can change the world, one person at a time. A world where fear is not the driving force, a world where we live in calm, with integrity, mutual respect, compassion, and love.

Using kindness, generosity, and compassion, I help leaders step into their wholehearted truth and reconnect with the power of their conscious and unconscious mind. My intention in doing this work is to bring humanity closer to peace, unity, respect and inclusion, one leader at a time.

I use my broad background in competitive sport, corporate accounting, governance, strategy and trauma-informed practice to help leaders on their path to self-transformation. I fuse together a range of approaches to work with leaders to remove the impact of trauma and any unconscious barriers to effective leadership. My ability to hold and clearly articulate a vision helps me to build trust, inspire bravery and create unity through transformational change and conflict.

My own experiences as an executive leader in the private sector, local government and renewable energy have inspired me to believe the corporate world has the capacity to change the way we lead for the betterment of all.
The pressures of balancing a demanding corporate role and the inner critic can be overwhelming and crippling. The trauma that many leaders suppress can pop out in various behaviours, putting it simply, hurt people hurt people, including those who lead from the best of intentions.

TRTP is a vital component of doing the “work”. We know that the inner game (self) impacts the outer game (work, family, life). So, it makes sense to start with your inner game.

As a client of TRTP the change in myself has been extraordinary and I believe in the positive impact that TRTP can have on leaders and the people they lead.
It is a privilege and joy to witness the change in TRTP clients.

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