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TRTP Practitioner, Doula


TRTP PractitionerDoula, Childbirth International, 2004Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology) 2022


Anxiety, Depression, Pregnancy & Birth, Stress, Women's Mental Health



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Philippa Scott



Fantastic Futures - Birth and Beyond



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Are you a mother or mother-to-be who is struggling with fear and anxiety around pregnancy, birth, and parenting? Do you have a history of birth or other trauma that is impacting your mental health and well-being? At Fantastic Futures, we can help.


Hi, I’m Philippa (Pippa), a TRTP Practitioner, Birth Trauma Therapist, and Doula with over 19 years of experience supporting mothers and families. I am passionate about helping parents and families achieve a healthy mindset and approach to pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

We understand that distress during birth affects not just the mother, but the baby, the partner, and the entire family unit. With up to 50% of birthing mothers experiencing distress during birth and 1 in 3 mothers experiencing birth trauma, we know that the mental health of mothers is paramount to creating a healthy environment for the whole family.


Our TRTP program provides a fast and effective way to heal from birth trauma and address fear and anxiety around birthing and parenting, even before first conception. This 3-step process over 3 weeks allows you to discover who you are without the unconscious core beliefs and patterns formed due to distressing events. You will release the pain of the past without being triggered, and we will support and guide you to move into a place of freedom, knowing your true worth and being able to step into your innate power.


We conduct all three one-on-one TRTP sessions face-to-face on the Sunshine Coast or online, eliminating the barriers of location.

Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back from experiencing the joy of parenthood. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary discovery session and take the first step towards a fantastic future.


Peace and power,


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