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Meet Steve, an empathic psychotherapist whose personal journey through trauma led him to make a career of learning and understanding how the human mind works and helping others take back control of their lives.

It was an impromptu talk about TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process) and its success by Judith Richards that led to him finally succeeding in putting his ‘PTSD’ behind him. After this short but powerful talk by Judith, Steve was excited.  TRTP’s blend of neuroscience and dynamic re-imagining techniques resonated deeply with the ‘scientist’ in Steve.  It was exactly what he had been looking for.

He immediately approached Judith and asked her to teach him ‘what she did!’ At the time, Judith did not teach TRTP.  He responded, ‘But you will, and I’ll be your first student.’ About 2 months later, Steve attended the first training, and the TRTP Practitioner Training Program was born.

The initial part of TRTP training requires students to undergo the TRTP process as a client.  Before his TRTP sessions, Steve had watched a movie called Saving Private Ryan.  This is a realistic war movie with a large focus on soldiers, war, and medics.  Steve’s PTSD was related to his time as a medic in the Rhodesian Army during the Zimbabwean conflict.  The graphics of the movie triggered traumatic memories.  Steve had to walk out 30 minutes into the film, It took him days to recover.

After completing the 3 session TRTP process with Judith, Steve decided to ‘test’ the effectiveness of the process – he went back to watch Saving Private Ryan.  Steve was not triggered.  He watched the entire movie.  No triggers.  No anger.  No anxiety.  He couldn’t believe it. He bought another ticket and returned to the cinema to watch it again. Again no triggering.

He slept that night without nightmares for the first time in years.   Now he doesn’t tense when he hears a helicopter or jump when a car backfires, or an ambulance screams past. TRTP resolved what 30 years of counselling, coaching, and meditation couldn’t.  His high-level anger and PTSD had gone. Steve had found peace and purpose.

As a Senior Trainer, Steve actively shares his expertise in TRTP, assisting Judith in conducting TRTP workshops and training sessions for new TRTP practitioners. His mission is to create a community of therapists adept at supporting survivors on their path to healing and resolving trauma-related issues.

Steve’s dedication to TRTP comes from a place of genuine warmth and understanding. He brings professional expertise and a compassionate heart to every session, ensuring every client feels ‘safe’.  Through TRTP, Steve continues to guide individuals towards renewed self-belief and a bright, trauma-free future.

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