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Stephen Gardiner



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Steve was born in Zimbabwe and qualified initially as an agronomist. He was conscripted into the army as, at that time, Zimbabwe was in the grips of war. He became a medic and suffered ongoing flashbacks and anger due to an incident involving friends. Eventually, this was diagnosed as PTSD.

Steve left Africa and travelled to England, the Solomon Islands and South Africa before immigrating to Australia. Anger was his constant companion, but he thought this was normal.

However, Steve was introduced to personal development, and this started a ten-year journey looking for a resolution.

Steve qualified as a life coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist and in 2008, set up Transformations Coaching to assist people in overcoming trauma and confidence issues and quit smoking. Between 2010 and 2014, Steve volunteered as a facilitator for Dr John Demartini and began to understand how childhood trauma affected our decisions and choices as adults.

It was an impromptu talk about TRTP and its success by Ms Judith Richards that lead to him finally putting his ‘PTSD’ behind him. After this short, but powerful talk by Judith, Steve immediately asked her to teach him ‘what she did!’ At the time, Judith had not started teaching TRTP, but about 2 months later Steve became one of her first students, and TRTP training was born.

Part of the training involved the students being taken through the process. Before his TRTP sessions happened, Steve went to see a realistic war film called Saving Private Ryan. Halfway through the film, Steve had to leave. The graphics of the film triggered traumatic memories. It took him several days to recover.

After completing the TRTP 3-session process with Judith, Steve felt different but decided to ‘test’ the effectiveness of TRTP and went back to see Saving Private Ryan again.

After the movie, he could not believe that he had not been triggered. He tested the results again. No triggers. The Anger had diminished. Anxiety back to normal levels. He could sleep without nightmares.

Steve is now the senior mentor for TRTP and helps guide people through the training. Steve says, ‘I see miraculous results every day with people overcoming depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD.’

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