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Tony Monaghan





Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia

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Physical injury can be understood, and leave an obvious scar. Emotional injury can be very confusing. They can be hard to understand, and leave scars that take too long to heal.

When you summon up the courage to get help, you want to feel safe.  Well, you’re not alone, not the only one experiencing such things, and together it’s safe to think about solving it all. I can support you with anxiety, depression, grief, post traumatic stress, relationships, career and life-stage changes, as well as sport psychology.

Unsuspecting, emotional wounds, especially the ones accumulated in early, vulnerable childhood create invisible scars. They can take the form of  beliefs such as “I don’t matter”, “I don’t deserve love” or “there’s something wrong with me”.

Just imagine thinking and feeling like “I do matter”, “I do deserve love” and “there is nothing wrong with me”.

With TRTP, working with these types of beliefs is what we resolve for clients every day across our network. Its our focus, and what you might currently think is impossible, or incredible… is a precisely what is on the table.

After the first session, you will know if I can help you.  By the end of the 2nd session, we’ll have a plan. You’re not locked in – just begin, take one step at a time.

I offer you practical, down to earth, eyes wide open psychological help, for both men and women, that will give you a chance to reclaim your independence. I am a registered psychologist, a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPI) and a level 2 cricket coach with the Aust Cricket Board. The last 30 years includes senior management in companies, working with Beyond Blue, and consulting to organisations across Asia Pacific on leadership and negotiation.

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