Miriam Coleman

As an agent for change my focus is leveraging leadership through human connection. My intention for TRTP is that we can change the world, one person at a time. A world where fear is not the driving force, a world where we live in calm, with integrity, mutual respect, compassion, and love. Using kindness, generosity,

Darryl Shirt

I have been running a private counselling service for 5 years in the Goldfields of WA in Australia. My TRTP training has qualified me to practice as a TRTP practitioner since 2022. I have seen a folk engage with this process and expand their lives to new levels of freedom. I engage in the wider

Nora Mate-Toth

I am an experienced senior leader with 10+ years of leadership and 7 years of business and life coaching experience in developing professionals in their careers. My mission is to help my clients – mostly executives, leaders and professionals – to connect with themselves, identify and accept who they really are, so they can step

Helena McCallum

As a psychologist and psychotherapist for 30 years I had many tools to facilitate deep change in people, and shifts certainly occurred. But I often wished it could happen faster, more efficiently and sometimes more completely, so that people suffered less. When I first heard about TRTP I was sceptical: profound change even from PTSD

Erica Olsen

I am a Clinical Psychologist working across all domains of Teen and Adult Mental Health. I have a passion for improving life opportunity and fulfilment for those who have experienced loss of mental health through past loss and trauma. My goal is to help a client move toward living their full potential.

Fran Nguyen

Fran has a wealth of experience having been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years, and has worked in Emergency Departments for over 18 years, She has also worked as a Clinical Facilitator for Griffiths University Fran has worked in the UK. Pakistan, Hong Kong and Australia. Whilst in HOng Kong, Fran lived and worked

Andrew Stone

I have a dedicated focus towards resolving the effects of anxiety and trauma, so that you can live a life that is more meaningful to you. I will focus on your self-beliefs, inner thoughts and patterns of behaviour. Together we will remove emotional and psychological blockages, self-limiting beliefs, overcome fears or phobias and anything else

Sean Samuel

I love what I do! To watch peoples lives change for the positive right in front of you is a privilege that I never get tired of. I have been working with people seeking assistance to change their lives for the positive since 2009. I have skill sets to work with the physical body and

Susan Scott

After having worked as a primary school teacher most of my life, a family trauma brought my working life to a halt. I then embarked on a journey of self discovery and healing. This brought me in contact with many modalities and I received great benefit and transformation. I continued this quest with the desire

Tanee Vincent

Hi, my name is Tanée and so proud to be a TRTP practitioner. I am a counsellor who has a passion for helping people to thrive and move from the feeling of being stuck in their traumatic past to where they are no longer living trapped in fear, triggers, anxious or experiencing depression, no longer

Marijke Miller

Kia Ora, and Hello My name is Marijke, and my journey began in the southern mountains of New Zealand, took me on a long, colourful, winding road of life experiences, and brings me to you now from Darwin, in the tropical north of Australia. I am a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, companion and friend. I