Pokarlla Kiara

Pokarlla runs her own Private Counselling Practice, Marama Counselling which was born from her desire to help others find their inner light. Completing her TRTP certification in 2023 has allowed Pokarlla to do this in a profound and long lasting way. Pokarlla is a passionate counsellor who enjoys working with all individuals. She has experience

Darryl Shirt

I have been running a private counselling service for 5 years in the Goldfields of WA in Australia. My TRTP training has qualified me to practice as a TRTP practitioner since 2022. I have seen a folk engage with this process and expand their lives to new levels of freedom. I engage in the wider

Andi Green

In my own practice, I enjoy working with adults, couples and families. I have many years of experience working with a range of people across their life-span on a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, work/life stress, self-esteem, motivation and communication. I have a special interest in working with inter-generational issues and families that

Helena McCallum

As a psychologist and psychotherapist for 30 years I had many tools to facilitate deep change in people, and shifts certainly occurred. But I often wished it could happen faster, more efficiently and sometimes more completely, so that people suffered less. When I first heard about TRTP I was sceptical: profound change even from PTSD

Julie Stanley

As a Clinical Psychologist and Founding Director of Choice Psychology I have a passion for clients finding ‘choice’ in their lives. My philosophy is to never give up. My aim was to find a therapeutic method that addresses the source of client issues. And then I found TRTP. Who wants to just manage their symptoms

Helene Cronin

I have worked as a Registered Psychologist for over 20 years. I have a particular interest in working with people who have been impacted by depression, anxiety, stress, psychological trauma and relationship breakdown. I support my clients to attain self awareness, self love and self empowerment. I enjoy helping clients to optimize their physical and

Jana Cibirova

Hi, my name is Jana and I am a TRTP practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. I am passionate about helping people to thrive in life and I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing challenging transitions in their lives. My values are: Honesty, Openness and Clarity. I encourage people to face their fears, and

Jenn Apps

I am an experienced Counsellor/ Psychotherapist with 25 years experience and I am passionate about assisting individuals, couples and families in learning new skills, resolving difficulties, healing trauma and making positive ongoing change in their lives. I am now a passionate The Richards Trauma Process Practitioner and have seen the most remarkable changes and outcomes

Dr.Choon-Hwa Lim

I offer ONLINE TRTP for better mental health and wellbeing. My work is supported by over 20 years of working in mental health in Australia, insights gained from my international lived experiences, and careers in corporate finance and Human Resources. My culturally diverse client base are 18 years and older from a variety of professions

Gwen Pinnington

My work in the world is to reduce the unnecessary struggle and suffering and to help people stand in their highest truth. I grew up in the USA and moved to Australia in 2008. I am a transformational coach, change consultant and facilitator. I work with individuals, teams and organisations across all walks of life

Deborah Sheehy

I am an experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist and am passionate about empowering people to make genuine and long-lasting positive changes in their lives. I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and now reside in Melbourne, Australia. The experience of a chronic health condition in my teens and twenties (Endometriosis) contributed to my own journey of healing

Anne Serry

As a registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I specialise in trauma recovery. It is my passion to help clients move from pain and suffering towards inner health, aliveness and well-being. My professional approach incorporates The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) as the key modality for resolving past traumatic experiences. This powerful and transformative process results in real