Miriam Coleman

As an agent for change my focus is leveraging leadership through human connection. My intention for TRTP is that we can change the world, one person at a time. A world where fear is not the driving force, a world where we live in calm, with integrity, mutual respect, compassion, and love. Using kindness, generosity,

Jalena Tesanovich

My dharma is to help people live a life that is true to themselves in the healthiest, most abundant way. I believe that true health is all encompassing and includes the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects of ourselves. I have been walking this healing path for over 2 decades and it’s my greatest privilege

Pokarlla Kiara

Pokarlla runs her own Private Counselling Practice, Marama Counselling which was born from her desire to help others find their inner light. Completing her TRTP certification in 2023 has allowed Pokarlla to do this in a profound and long lasting way. Pokarlla is a passionate counsellor who enjoys working with all individuals. She has experience

Darryl Shirt

I have been running a private counselling service for 5 years in the Goldfields of WA in Australia. My TRTP training has qualified me to practice as a TRTP practitioner since 2022. I have seen a folk engage with this process and expand their lives to new levels of freedom. I engage in the wider

Nora Mate-Toth

I am an experienced senior leader with 10+ years of leadership and 7 years of business and life coaching experience in developing professionals in their careers. My mission is to help my clients – mostly executives, leaders and professionals – to connect with themselves, identify and accept who they really are, so they can step

Marion Fuller

Hi my name is Marion and I am an experienced Mental Health Social Worker. Since moving to Australia from the UK nearly 20years ago, I have continued to work within mental health services in both the public and private sector. I am passionate in supporting people to identify ways to resolve emotional stressers, trauma and

Lorraine Carletti

My name is Lorraine Carletti and I am a professional practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) and Kinesiology. I am the director of Kinesiology Body & Mind and have incorporated the practice of TRTP into my clinic. This has both enhanced and strengthened the outcomes and experiences for my clients. TRTP specifically targets the

Karin Sephton

If you feel that yesterday’s trauma and today’s anxiety and depression are ruling your life – I can assist you to overcome all these symptoms, quickly and safely, AND without drugs. TRTP changed my understanding of effective therapeutic intervention for trauma. I have been practicing as a Psychotherapist and Counselor for more than 30 years

Laylee Jerman

Trauma comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and at any time in life. Within there is always an inner child or person who has never had the opportunity to escape and be free. Trauma can be predictable or out of the blue, sneaking up on you when you are least expecting it. Trauma

Lee Beaton

I found The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) after trying many different modalities to help subdue my grief and feelings of unworthiness following the death of both my parents. After this experience of TRTP, I came to clearly see how my one precious life on earth was a blessing. Your, and my, time on Earth is

Lesley Nicholson

About Lesley Nicholson and The Richards Trauma Process Lesley is committed to assisting people to live a true authentic meaningful life free of past trauma, depression, anxiety with its emotional and physical pain. We are here to live – really live!! TRTP is the best vehicle Lesley has found to bring this about. Lesley knows